We recognize the tremendous difficulty for people across the globe to find quality biblical counseling in our present culture. This great void typically ends up getting filled with worldly counseling motifs that offer mere coping mechanisms, symptom treatments, and propagate misdiagnoses of "disorders" and other biblically inaccurate psycho-labels. This leaves the Christian wondering where and how to find real, life-long solutions to their problems according to the all-sufficiency of God's Word (see 2 Peter 1:3).

OVER-THE-PHONE COUNSELING & Home study program

Over-the-phone counseling is one of the most effective methods of biblical (nouthetic) counseling. As president of ABI and Paraclete Biblical Counseling, I have experienced this as a matter of fact in over 4000 documented hours of phone/distance counseling. Some have argued that face-to-face is the only way, but that claim negates clear biblical principles. The Bible does not say that out of the heart the face expresses, but rather, "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." What's in a person's heart is revealed through their words. Plus, face-to-face counseling can be quite intimidating to the counselee, where over-the-phone counseling alleviates much of this tension, creating an atmosphere very conducive to the openness and trust of the counselee.

It is a well-known fact that blind people are some the world's best piano tuners. This is because the sense of hearing is acutely heightened with the loss of sight, which gives them an extreme advantage with hearing things that others simply don't hear. This further supports over-the-phone counseling. Though the counselor on the other end may not be able to physically see the counselee, the counselor's spiritual sense of hearing increases exponentially. This incredible nuance has proven itself effective, and is a joy to witness first hand.   


Paraclete Biblical Counseling (PBC) is the counseling department at ARKASE Bible Institute (ABI). We offer a 12 week at home Biblical Counseling and study program. Counseling sessions are once a week over the phone and last about 1-hour. We at PBC have a network of certified Biblical Counselors highly trained, full of compassion, and ready to help you. These counselors are devout men and women of God who have a passion to help people in need of change by implementing God's all-sufficient Word in their daily lives.

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