Have you ever wanted to study the Bible at a deeper more satisfying level? ABI has the answer. You can complete a Certificate of studies for both the OT and the NT right here through our distance learning curriculum.


distance learning

Receive your syllabus and submit your courses through the internet via email. ABI also provides virtual classroom and teaching lectures via online seminars and webinars. The online seminar is a great way to study and learn in real time, with a live professor and other live students.


There is no semester waiting period. Just sign up for enrollment and within 24 hours of your approved application receive your fully customized syllabus. You'll be on your journey toward a deeper understanding of the Word of God and a deeper fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ.

No expensive books

Most of the course textbooks are included and come to you in PDF format. You will also receive full in-depth commentaries on the books of the Bible-both OT and NT-which are of the highest academic acumen. The commentaries alone are priceless treasures.